March 12, 2013

ONLINE Exploratory Giveaway Rules

We are excited to offer free marketing and advertising solutions to small business owners and online merchants via our Exploratory Giveaways.

Although, the initial development of our Exploratory Giveaway was designed to get you out into the world; we soon realized the world also moves and has its being online. 

So we will also be hosting Online Exploratory Giveaways in addition to our "get out into the world" Exploratory Giveaways.

The online giveaways will require you to Explore the site of the Sponsor who is providing the prize and search for an answer to a question posed for entering.

It was important for us to provide an opportunity to our fans, who may not always be in the place or the space we set the Exploratory Prize. We hope you are satisfied with this solution!  

Our ONLINE Exploratory Giveaways will continue to be ANNOUNCED via our social media channels, but to submit your winning entry, you must do so via the Rafflecopter widget that is associated with the Giveaway you are entering.

     Facebook does not allow giveaways to be hosted on their site using Likes and Comments on the post, so to adhere to these rules all of our online giveaways will be hosted on our blog.

A winner will be chosen randomly using the Rafflecopter widget. We will announce the winner via our social media channels and with the email provided through the widget upon entry.

You have one week to respond to our winning email message, otherwise a new winner will be chosen

I will provide the sponsor with the winning entrants information and the winner with the steps needed to take to obtain their online prize.

So continue to follow our Social Media channels for our unexpected post tagline, "COME EXPLORE WITH US..." that prompts you to take the action required to Win! 

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I will answer them for you.

Thanks for joining us on our Exploratory Giveaways! 


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