October 14, 2012

Twitter, the Elections and Your 140-Character Limit: Don't Hate, Just Vote!

We’ve all heard it before; avoid those controversial conversations concerning religion and politics. I find it funny how that wisdom and advice is always disregarded during an election year!

People have very strong opinions about the issues that are raised during the elections. Our upbringing, our own life’s experiences, our families, education and place in life all contribute and shape our view of the world.

Most times we are thoughtful regarding the opinions of people who oppose our views in life. We demonstrate self-control with our 140-character limit on Twitter. The sheer act of typing gives most of us enough time to take a deep breath and click cancel instead of tweet on that maliciously expressed statement.

When it’s an election year, especially in the months and weeks approaching Election Day, our previous good sense becomes nothing more than impulsive rants that can be hurtful and sometimes down right mean. 

Case in point… 

Then there are the ones that are more vicious and unecessary, going as far to attack the candidates family members...

I think it is fair to say that regardless of your position, whether you prefer to be called right or left, Republican or Democrat, we are all intrinsically attracted to the same goal of wanting to see our country succeed in regards to the economy, social responsibility and security for all its citizens living within its borders or abroad.

So although we may disagree with the method in which to resolve these important issues, the next time you’re typing those 140 characters, remember we are all Americans, wanting the best for our country and ourselves. We should “BE” Respectful. Remembering each of our own life experiences brought us to this place that makes us support one candidate versus another.

I would like to close this post with a video that on many levels may seem offensive, It uses language I am not accustomed to using and when used in conversations that have a connotation of anger I find it very offensive. With that said, if you watch the video in its entirety you will also understand the very important message it attempts to convey with humor. Keep this in mind as you view the early parts of the video.

Don't Hate... Just Vote! 


  1. Thanks Tom! A blogger friend received some very vicious twitter attacks for her opinion. These are some of the more mild ones out there, hers were too harsh to post. I appreciate your comments and taking time to read my blog!


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